Fly ash produced by fluidized bed combustion ("FBC") boilers does not have to be a noxious waste product. After mechanical activation using Energomar-Nord patented technology, FBC fly ash becomes useable as construction material of high technological and economical benefit.

The bonding agent made of fly ash coming from coal combustion in fluidized bed boilers, called Flubet®, is obtained using the Energomar-Nord mechanical activation of ash.

Energomar-Nord designs and delivers the complete Flubet® activation system. The activators' weight and dimensions, together with appropriate fittings, have been selected in such a way as to enable their installation under fly ash storage bins or under typical silos used in concrete storage systems.

Activation of 1 ton of ash requires only 7 kWh of electric energy. Activators handling from 1.5 to 5 tons per hour can be joined in batteries in order to choose the capacity required by the user.

Moreover, Flubet® used as an additive can replace from 20% to 60% of Portland cement depending on the application.

Industrial applications have demonstrated that Flubet® can be used for:

- ordinary concrete ranging from class B 7.5 to B 50,
or even higher,
- concrete for foundation works,
- base course and pavement as well as soil stabilization,
- hardening solutions,
- concrete for pre-cast fine size elements,
- filter diaphragms in dikes and dumping grounds.

Flubet® has technical approvals from the Institute of Construction Technologies No AT-15-5257/2001 and from the Research Institute for Roads and Bridges No AT-2003-04-1536 and also from the Institute for Land Reclamation and Grassland Farming No. AT/18-2004-0021-00 as well as a conformity certificate from the National Institute of Hygiene.

In 2001, Flubet® won the 'Golden Ecoenergy' award at the International Fair in Gdańsk and also won the Polish Ash Award, 'Phoenix 2001'. The manufacturing and distribution of Flubet® is handled by Energomar-Nord Ltd.

1. Producing Flubet® can lead to:
- elimination of ash storage costs
- reduction of environmental hazards
- production of large quantities of cheap
construction material.

2. Improvement of the quality of concrete using
Flubet® increases:
- strength,
- resistance to frost
- water tightness.